Monday, July 25, 2011


I'm not at all sure about the blogging world. Is my writing here meant to be polished? Because it's more of a chaotic ramble, which I don't bother to finesse or fine tune. Basically, I go down to a local cafe, type some words on my computer and attach a book cover or picture that I find on google image search and then 'publish post'. All done rather quickly - and probably breeching every copyright law there is.

I hope this suffices. I concentrate on writing fiction and in that genre I'm content to twiddle away for as long as it takes but I won't do that with a blog. For me, they're rough commentaries/reviews that hopefully a few people interested in reading and writing enjoy.

My posts here will never reflect the tasty frothy lattes that I consume while writing them - they are more the instant coffee variety: rough, harsh, vulgar and all that counts is the caffeine hit.


  1. I guess it boils down to why you do it, Anthony. For some people it's a medium where their serious writing is posted as a means of discussion-starting... For others, like yourself, and often myself too, it's just a way to connect with the outside world before we go back to the privacy of our writing desks... Both just as valid, I think.

  2. Yep, have to agree. How is that story coming along?