Saturday, October 1, 2011

'Dance with Dragons' by George R.R. Martin

Dance with Dragons by George R.R. Martin

Not a review but a liaison:

What can I say? Even after a myriad of pages, I still craved more.
I’m insatiable when it comes to these novels. I know that it is not seen by many critics as a good confession in a literary sense, but I'll happily proclaim that I’m enamoured with the Song of Ice and Fire. Martin is a storyteller who enraptures readers.

Yes, the world is too big and overloaded with characters. But then again, the characters are captivating and the world is superbly drawn. Yes, Martin is fixated with words like ‘mummer’ but fans, like lovers, forgive, so we can overlook all those ‘mummers-this’ and ‘mummers-that’. And I am a fan, a massive one.

In terms of writing, most chapters end on cliffhangers, fastening you in place until those involved reappear down the track. Not a bad ploy when dealing with a novel of this length.

Like in the musical Oliver! all I have to ask of Martin is this: ‘Please George, I want some more!’


  1. I'm gonna give GOT one more crack...

  2. Hi Mark. It's the only epic fantasy I've enjoyed since my adolescent years. Martin has ensnared me with his web of tales.

    No pressure though....:)