Monday, January 6, 2014

Year in Review to Come and Latest Publication News

In the UK on holidays, so I'll post my usual year in review regarding reading and writing when I'm back in Australia. It'll include the usual list of my favourite 25 stories from the year's reading.

In the meanwhile, 2014 is looking great. Before the end of 2013, I heard news that I'll have two stories out in the earlier part of 2014: "Submerging" in Overland 214, which is my second story in that fantastic journal, and the other is "The Tic-Toc Boy of Constantinople", which I'd written for the Ticonderoga anthology Kisses by Clockwork. 

Kisses by Clockwork edited by Liz Grzyb, will be published in April. The launch will be even more special as it's happening in my home city of Perth!

Contributing to its 105,000 words are some very fine spec-fic writers:
  • Marilag Angway, "Smuggler's Deal"
  • Cherith Baldry, "The Venetian Cat"
  • Gio Clairval, "The Writing Cembalo"
  • M L D Curelas, "Ironclad"
  • Ray Dean, "Practically Perfect"
  • Stephanie Gunn, "Escapement"
  • Richard Harland, "The Kiss of Reba Maul"
  • Rebecca Harwell, "Love in the Time of Clockwork Horses"
  • Faith Mudge, "Descension"
  • Nicole Murphy, "The Wild Colonial Clockwork Boy"
  • Katrina Nicholson, "Lady Presto Magnifico and the Disappearing Glass Ceiling"
  • Anthony Panegyres, "The Tic-Toc Boy of Constantinople"
  • Amanda Pillar, "A Clockwork Heart"
  • Angela Rega, "The Law of Love"
  • Carol Ryles, "Siri and the Chaos-Maker"
  • DC White, "South, to Glory"
"Submerging" is a metaphorical story set on a fictitious Polynesian island and "The Tic-Toc Boy of Constantinople" is my first foray into the steampunk realm.

More news to come but for now I hope that you have a wonderful 2014!

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