Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Overland Literary Journal 214, Autumn and my latest story "Submerging"

My latest story "Submerging" will be in the pages of Overland Literary Journal 214, Autumn. It'll be launched this evening in Melbourne at what looks like a fab event 'Journal-Palooza 2014'.

There's free wine, hundreds attending and I'd imagine lots of fun to be had. As a Perthite, it's the usual problem of distance but I hope those present have a wonderful time. Don't think you can go wrong with free wine in a great venue. So eat, drink and have a listen to what I'm sure will be some engaging speakers and readers.

If you're a Melbournite or in Melbourne or want to travel to Melbourne or... then here's the link below (hope it works. I'm too young to be a Luddite.):


Just in case it doesn't, here's some of the details

Join us on Wednesday April 9th as four of Australia’s premier literary journals - Kill Your Darlings, Meanjin Quarterly, The Lifted Brow and Overland Literary Journal - launch together for 2014!

I'm proud of "Submerging" and I'm not a writer who normally confesses that. Without giving too much away, I think, or at least hope, that you'll find it highly topical. It's also my shortest story at only 2400 words.

To have a second story in Overland within the space of a few years is a dream for any writer - it's simply a journal flooded with superb material. I look forward to reading not only the other stories by Ben Walter and Kate Hall but also a story inspired from Overland 32 by Roma O'Brien (1965): a 'fancy cut' piece by the wonderful, Josephine Rowe,  And then there's all the usual insightful, courageous and thought provoking articles that make up the literary, political and socio-cultural juggernaut that is Overland.


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