Friday, March 2, 2018

Writers [on Writing]: Hilmer Wolitzer

This is from the final page and final paragraph of the collected essays of Writers [On Writing] from The New York Times; and seems a fitting way to end these posts.

'I still agree with Wallace Stegner that talent is a prerequisite for the future professional. But there's a place in the classroom for other interested parties who, in their ardent analysis of one another's writing, become much better readers. And God knows we can always use more of them.' 
                                                               Hilma Wolitzer, 'Embarking Together on a Solitary Journey

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  1. We certainly can! I also think it does no harm for a writer to volunteer some time, even for a couple of months, as small press slush readers, such as for ASIM. I constantly read moans and whinges on people’s blogs about those awful people who rejected their masterpieces and were so RUDE. about it! I once shamed one of those into volunteering for some slushing and he said afterwards that he had learned from it.