Thursday, December 15, 2011

Dotdotdash Subscriberthon

Dotdotdash Subscriberthon

I confess that I no longer subscribe to Dotdotdash but before you condemn me to the gallows (this is about a subscriberthon after all) let me explain why: they're based in Perth and I attend their funky, innovative and varied launches where I buy a journal as part of the entry package (or is it on top of it? - I can't quite recall).

But subscribe away if you're outside of Perth (or if you're a Perthite not interested in attending their launches). The journal chiefly specialises in fiction and has a spanky layout in coloured glossy pages. It's a celebration of art, photography, graphic design, short fiction, creative fiction and plenty of poetry


I think I'll always like Dotdotdash; they're local (with a national following) and they also published my first story in  Dotdotdash5, December 2010. Almost my entire writing group has published there too. Congrats to Mark Welker (now in Melbourne), Daniel Simpsom and Phil English!

The thing I really admire about the journal is that authors remain anonymous during the submission process. Your name and previous publications mean zilch so the playing field levels out. Of course that has meant that the editor, Steven Finch, has missed out on some 'name' authors but then again he's published some too and he, and the editing team, have the undeniable pleasure of unearthing new and exciting talent.

I wish Steve and his gang continued success in the difficult world of literary journals. With the way they promote and market themselves, they certainly deserve their rapid growth. Join them on Facebook to keep up with the fun.

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