Saturday, December 10, 2011

More Great Short Stories

More Great Short Stories

The whole concept is a little daggy and all in good fun. I'll reitirate that the before mentioned stories consist of some of my current personal favourites and are certainly not indicative of what is ‘best'. For instance with some stories such as "The Bordello in Faerie", I was concentrating on what I loved about it rather than its flaws. In a year or two who knows, the list may be completely different. I think it's already changing - a state of permanent flux if you'd like

There are other notable stories, outside of the many gems written by Will Self, Angela Carter and Joyce Carol Oates, which I’d recommend to any reader:

A Few More Favourites 

'The Swimmer' by John Cheever

'A Bullet in the Brain' by Tobias Wolf

'Lollies' by David McLaren in Dotdotdash5 (an Australian story)

'The Use of Force' by William Carlos Williams

'D.P' by Kurt Vonnegut Jr

'The Killers' by Ernest Hemmingway

'A Habit of Waste' by Nalo Hopkinson

'The Way of the Cross and Dragon' by George R.R. Martin

'Jefty is Five' by Harlan Ellison

'Girls and Boys, Come Out to Play' by Michael Swanwick

As always, interested in your thoughts on the short story list and any of your own favourite works.

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