Thursday, April 19, 2012

Ben Payne and 'Reading Coffee'

I've read that Ben Payne has been editor at ASIM and Aurealis, and co-editor (with Alisa Krasonstein) of the Ditmar Award winning 2012 (from the multiple award winning Twelfth Planet Press), so it was nice to see him highly commend 'Reading Coffee'. 

My name is spelt wrong here but that's a frequent and forgivable occurrence. There are two separate posts:


Congratulations to all the other names mentioned -  especially Margo Lanagan, Thoraiya Dyer and DC White who are fellow Aurealis finalists for the same short story category as 'Reading Coffee'. I am eager to read their stories. Margo Lanagan is a superb voice in not only Australian fiction but also world fiction, Throraiya Dyer is a multiple award winner and DC White's story has been published by Ticonderoga Pubublications. I bought two Ticonderoga collections recently: Angela Slatter's The Girl with no Hands and Kaaron Waaren's Dead Sea Fruit, and if they are anything to go by then DC White is in fine company.

And yes - I feel terribly ostentatious posting this. My finger lingered over 'publish' far longer than usual. 

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