Thursday, May 1, 2014

Jonathan Shaw Looks at Overland 214

Jonathan Shaw is an Australian poet, who also provides regular commentary on a few literary journals. His blog is of interest to any reader, especially Australian ones. His Overland updates often make my 'reading guide' when I'm busy and need to save my cover-to-cover reading for a latter date.

It's flattering to be mentioned in his recent review of Overland 214, Autumn ed. Jeff Sparrow:

I think his final lines ring truer than ever regarding Overland's 60th birthday:

Sixty years of dissent, interrogation and craft! May the road rise to meet you, Overland, and the wind be at your back for at least 60 more.


  1. Is this the Jonathan Shaw who used to edit the NSW School Magazine?

  2. Hi Sue

    No idea - the link above to his blog may help. I do know that he has had a couple of poetry collections published and he also provides some great commentary on novels and literary journals. Think it's a blog that you'd enjoy.

  3. Thanks for the shout-out, Anthony.

    And yes, Sue, I'm that Jonathan Shaw (not the Atlantic City tattooist). I should put the record straight: although a handful of my poems have appeared in more or less respectable publications, my poetry books are self published (via the excellent, and I published them mainly as inexpensive Christmas gifts for family and friends rather than with any expectation of a wider readership

  4. Thanks for the info, Jonathan. My knowledge of contemporary poets is woeful but I've a hunch that you're underplaying some of those publications.

    Great to discover a little bit more.

    Think your final lines of the review really state what Overland has offered the reading community over its impressive sixty years.

  5. And thanks for answering Sue's question.