Monday, February 6, 2012

24 recommended short stories from my 2011 reading

24 'standout' short stories from my 2011 reading

In 2011, I read 96 short stories, many of them longer short stories and novelettes. Initially, I wanted to provide a list of all the stories I had read. After a little reflection, however, I thought that a blog post would be more useful if it were just a list of the standouts. Feel free to query as some stories are more 'literary' and others 'genre'. If you want to discover where a story can be found (anthology or journal title), just ask away.

The Bloody Chamber' Angela Carter

'Waiting' Will Self

'Puss in Boots' Angela Carter

'The Bordello in Faerie' Michael Swanwick

'The Company of Wolves' Angela Carter

'Riding the Gigantosaur' Michael Swanwick

'The Lady of the House of Love' Angela Carter

'Reward Offered' Jon Bauer

'The Erl King' Angela Carter

'The Werewolf' Angela Carter

'The Courtship of Mr Lyon' Angela Carter

'Four-Letter Words' Ryan O'Neil

'Lollies' David McLaren

'Girls and Boys Come Out to Play' Michael Swanwick

'Harry' Emma Schwarz

'The Tiger's Bride' Angela Carter

'The Monkey Treatment' George RR Martin

'Outback' Ruby J. Murray

'Mother Grasshopper' Michael Swanwick

'Raggle Taggle Gypsy-O' Michael Swanwick

'Dirty Little War' Michael Swanwick

'North of Diddy-Wah-Diddy' Michael Swanwick

'Whaling the Multiverse' Mark Lee Pearson

'It's the Cheroot' Marion Halligan

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