Saturday, October 31, 2015

Writers [on Writing]: Roxana Robinson

Perhaps the best thing about the family is that all the emotions within it depend upon love, which is the most powerful. All the darker ones–rage and hatred and resentment–result from the absence of love, or its witholding; but love is the prime mover. 
Roxana Robinson, If You Invent the Story, You're the First to See How it Ends

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Latest story news: 'Crossing' in the anthology At the Edge

Latest story news: 'Crossing' in the anthology At the Edge ed. Dan Rabarts & Lee Murray

It's raining covers... 

It's refreshing to see more original cover art. This one by the gifted Wellington artist, Emma Weakley. It's a rich and stunning artwork, evocatively capturing a dystopian landscape. I've attached the promotional banner down below so that you can see Weakley's cover artwork in all its glory. For more of Weakley's art and graphic novel work, please check out the link:

At the Edge will be released in June 2016, and it contains spec-fic stories solely from the Antipodes. I hadn't come across editor Dan Rabarts before we were table of contents mates in the anthology Dreaming of Djinn ed. Liz Grzyb (Ticonderoga Publications). I thought his story in that anthology ('Silver, Sharp as Silk') excellent - to the extent that it made my incredibly nerdy 25 Top Reads of 2013

As you can imagine, I have expectations that a writer of Dan Rabarts' calibre will produce the goods here this time around as an editor. The table of contents from Dan Rabarts and Lee Murray looks impressive. Think it's the second anthology in a row I've had the pleasure of being alongside Joanne Anderton and Martin Livings (Bloodlines ed. Amanda Pillar being the previous one).

Congratulations to all involved. 

Table of Contents

Joanne Anderton, “Street Furniture” 
Richard Barnes, “The Great and True Journey” 
Carlington Black, “The Urge” 
A.C. Buchanan, “And Still the Forests Grow though We are Gone” 
Octavia Cade, “Responsibility” 
Shell Child, “Narco” 
Jodi Cleghorn , “The Leaves No Longer Fall” 
Debbie Cowens, “Hood of Bone” 
Tom Dullemond, “One Life, No Respawns” 
A.J. Fitzwater, “Splintr” 
Jan Goldie, “Little Thunder” 
J.C. Hart, “Hope Lies North” 
Martin Livings, “Boxing Day” 
Phillip Mann, “The Architect” 
Paul Mannering, “The Island at the End of the World” 
Keira McKenzie, “In Sacrifice We Hope” 
Eileen Mueller, “Call of the Sea” 
Anthony Panegyres, “Crossing” 
A.J. Ponder, “BlindSight” 
David Stevens, “Crop Rotation” 
David Versace, “Seven Excerpts from Season One” 
Summer Wigmore, “Back when the River had No Name” 
E.G. Wilson, “12-36”