Wednesday, May 29, 2019

The Sky Falls Down: An Anthology of Loss Ed. Terry Whitebeach & Gina Mercer

I have a story in The Sky Falls Down, a compendium of fiction, memoir and poetry revolving around the theme of loss.

There's a crowdfund from the Australian Cultural Fund to raise a little more money for the writers. My own story is a reprint, so I've donated to the fund, but there are many pieces in the anthology that are seeing print for the first time. No pressure, just spreading the word. The link's below:

Current Reads:

Recently finished We'll Stand in That Place and Other Stories ed. Michelle Cahill. I'll disclose I've a story in it, but regardless, I loved the anthology.

I'm fascinated by the variety of style and voices that the short form can exhibit, and We'll Stand in That Place and Other Stories is a fantastic exemplar of that power. All stories within are layered and, in my opinion, deserve a second reading. I discovered something to enjoy and admire in each and every narrative.

And I'm currently reading the historical fiction Restoration by Rose Tremain.