Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Andromeda #50, ASIM #50, The Wine Endures

ASIM #50, The Wine Endures

I am not a genre writer as such - and I’m certainly not a fan of labelling authors - but I'll confess to feeling a real buzz about The Wine Endures being chosen by Sue Bursztynski (author of Wolfborn) for the Special Editors' 50th Edition of Andromeda (ASIM #50).

I found the following comment by Sue most flattering:

"Once in a blue moon I get a story I love. This was one of those times."

It was a pleasure to be in the company of some truly fine (and far better known) writers. The edition has an excellent and suitably varied collection of stories.

I'd like to thank Greg Hughes for his illustration, which really conveyed the essence of both the character and story. It was a pleasant surprise. More of Greg's work can be found at

At the moment I'm reading The Confidential Agent by G. Greene (one of my staples) and The Lovely Bones by Sebold but straight after them I'll certainly be reading Bursztynski's Wolfborn, which has had some rave reviews.

Feel free to discover more about Sue Bursztynski at her blog:


  1. I thought that The Wine Endures was a very creative and clever story, which showed the writer's love and knowledge of Greek mythology. By combining fiction, folktale and myth together, the writer created an entertaining, humourous but also thought-provoking story.

    Elamap Saki

  2. What he/she said. What I liked, and what made me decide to choose it, was that you did a clever combination of ancient and modern. I've known Greek fathers like Calliope's! And yet, he's more...

  3. Thank you, Elamap. I'm really flattered. I'll have another story out in Overland (August/September edition) if you'd like to read more of my work.

    And Sue, I am ever thankful that you chose it. Hope you enjoy Perth and feel free to msg me if you actually want to meet for a coffee in person. Hope your novel, 'Wolfborn' is selling well. It seems to be everywhere here in WA, which is a great sign.