Monday, May 16, 2011

Horrorscope Review: ASIM #50, Andromeda # 50

HorrorScope Review: ASIM #50, Andromeda #50

Mark Smith-Briggs, the editor of HorrorScope and a short story writer too, has written a review on Andromeda #50 at HorrorScope. I believe that outside of a generic review of Dotdotdash5, it is the first formal review I have received on a piece. I'm thankful and relieved to see that it's positive.

I don't believe that it's ethical for me to comment on other stories in the collection besides stating that I thoroughly enjoyed them. Mark did name what he believed to be some standouts, which I will mention for the writers' benefit: Mark Lee Pearson’s Whaling the Multiverse; Nicole R Murphy’s The Fairy King’s Child and Dennis J Pale’s Morrow Street.

Debbie Cowen’s The Truth About Dragons, Shona Husk’s Skull Jeweller’s Apprentice and Damien Walters Grintalis’ A Glimpse of Nothing in Silvered were also mentioned in a most positive fashion

Regarding my own piece, Mark wrote the following:  Anthony Panegyres’ The Wine Endures [...MILD SPOILER TAKEN OUT...] is also a great read and an example of how well ancient myths can be mashed up with the modern world to create a fresh take on old tropes.

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